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Want to cook healthy, restaurant quality wild game for your family?

Wild game is without doubt some of the healthiest, tastiest meat you can find. Lower in saturated fat and calories than domestically raised meats and high in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds wild game is certainly a superior choice.

Wild Gourmet - Wild Meat
Important facts about our product:
  • An Ethical Choice — all animals are wild, living the life nature intended for them until they are shot in their own habitat, removing any need for cramped/stressful transport and caging at an abattoir

  • Guaranteed Chemical and Pesticide Free — every animal is taken by a certified hunter in an area declared free of chemicals and pesticides. Our supplier maintains a small base of hunters who must have licenses renewed annually. Landowners and hunters alike are part of the team that keeps the quality high.

  • Healthy Animals - each animal is MAF Inspected to ensure the animal is disease free and healthy and all processing is carried out to strict and professional standards.

  • Restaurant Quality — our supplier has been processing and supplying wild game meats since 1996 and provides much of the wild game you will see on prestigious restaurant menus around the country.

  • Ecologically Friendly - by controlling introduced game species New Zealand's high country environment is improved. Our supplier’s operation has no negative effect on the environment.

  • Convenient - we will deliver direct to your home or office in Christchurch. For areas outside Christchurch please just contact us.

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